MONEO Sales and Service
Partner Benefits

Sales and service partners are those who sell and implement MONEO software for their customers. You will need an understanding of accounting and business processes, but otherwise becoming a MONEO partner is simply and beneficial:

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma

Easy to learn

MONEO has an intuitive user interface and logical structure, that makes it easy for any of your employees to learn software quickly.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma

Easy to integrate

MONEO is open system and it is easy to connect it to your existing IT solution, if you sell any. MONEO has built in connection options with SQL databases, XML and CSV data imports as well as existing integration with: R-Keeper, Excel, Word, Etsy etc.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma

One is enough

One dedicated employee is enough to become a MONEO partner. You do not need a programmer because most of the functions are customisable in settings.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma

Easy to sell

MONEO partner network is new, so each partner here is relatively equal in competition.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma

Your own app

If any of your customers need a special solution, we make it in MONEO office, and If it is relevant for other customers as well, you can sell it via MONEO app store to all MONEO users.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma

MONEO support

We provide partner trainings and cooperate in marketing activities.

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