Single shop or multi-location sales chain

MONEO controls all your item movements and inventory in realtime, even if you have dozens of stores. You are able to control sales, inventory and create automated purchases for all your sales locations and warehouses in a single record.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Goods receipts and deliveries registers.
  • Returned goods and returned goods to supplier.
  • Goods write-off and stock movement registers.
  • Stock depreciations.
  • Stocktakings.
  • Inventory comparison.
  • Reporting by item groups and warehouses.
  • Package management.
  • Multiple warehouses.
  • Warehouse groups.
  • Intrastat reports.
  • FIFO and weighted average cost price.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Item groups.
  • Item clases.
  • Item location / shelf tracking.
  • Reporting by item groups and warehouses.
  • Article weight and best before date tracking.
  • Favourable supplier and purchase price records.
  • Item cost price.
  • Item gross profit.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Integration with bar code scanners.
  • Item stock list by location / shelves and actual item balance.

No out of stock, no overstock

With MONEO there will not be out of stock nor overstock of goods in your warehouse. MONEO automatically creates purchase orders, based on minimum inventory, sales orders information, sales statistics and purchasing conditions, creating the best you need to run your business efficiently.

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