Speak your supplier language

MONEO remembers supplier item numbers, packing units and minimum ordering quantities, so creating purchase orders takes less time. MONEO will help to compare prices and delivery conditions of multiple suppliers so that you can choose the best conditions.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Purchase order status and terms.
  • Purchase order planned delivery date.
  • Purchase item numbers.
  • Purchase order class.
  • Purchase order list.
  • Automatic purchase order creation based on inventory.
  • Automatic purchase order creation based on production orders.
  • Automatic purchase order creation based on sales orders.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Purchase invoices payment status.
  • Prepayments to suppliers, prepayment history and balances.
  • Supplier periodic statement.
  • Supplier item code linking to your internal item codes.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Open purchase invoices by due dates.
  • Planning of payments.
  • Payment date and terms control.
  • Partial payment and prepayment history.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Item prices from multiple suppliers.
  • Price and cost control on delivery.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Bank statement data import and automatic linking to unpaid sales invoices, salary calculations, etc.
  • Sending outgoing payment orders to bank directly from MONEO by exporting FiDAViSta data file.

Rely on data rather than guesswork

MONEO purchasing functionality is integrated with sales orders, production and inventory management, so purchase orders are created based on the most up-to-date item information.

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