Production management system MONEO

Manufacturing plan at your fingertips

MONEO production management system is a lifesaver for any manufacturing manager. It’s just a matter of looking at MONEO production plan to see all production orders nicely sorted and prioritised. MONEO production system makes it easy for you to make the right decisions.

MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Specifications (BOM)
  • Integration / data import from design systems.
  • Setting production plan parameters according to the company’s production process.
  • Automatic production orders creation form sales orders.
  • Production plan – active production tasks.
  • Production order status control with colour highlighting – new, approved, in production.
  • Production stages control in production plan.
  • Filter and select production orders based on different criteria.
  • Easy copy-paste of selected data table form MONEO to spreadsheet or e-mail.
  • Text comments in production order.
  • Production plan for this week.
  • Production capacity tracking.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Task list for shop floor employee
  • Selecting tasks by machine or task class.
  • Completed task results and produced item amount registration window.
  • Multiple production warehouses.
  • Automatic creation of item movement records from finished production order.
MONEO biznesa vadības sistēma


  • Extensive options for item variations (colour, size, dimensions, etc.) in system settings.
  • Reporting by item variations and groups.
  • Automatic calculation of defficiency goods, based on production orders (confirmed or not confirmed), inventory and required minimum balances.
  • Automatic purchase order creation based on the calculation of defficiency goods.
  • Control of quantities of raw materials and finished goods in warehouses.

Customers appreciate MONEO benefits

moneo atsauksmes
MONEO atsauksmes
Implementing MONEO in our production business, allowe us to significantly reduse amount of double work and number of human errors in everyday work.

Now employees have more time to deal with tasks that bring value for business. Financial data is now more reliable and more user-friendly for analysis and decision making.”

Automatic purchases

MONEO automatically turns sales orders into production orders. System prepares raw material purchases based on BOM and raw material inventory. Therefore, your production never faces a downtime, running out of materials.

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