Advanced payroll calculation system

MONEO payroll system will take care of accurate payroll and leave time calculations, automatically keeping all necessary personnel records. Tax rates and calculation formulas are easy to change even for a non-advanced system user.



  • Employment contract classes.
  • Employment contract change tracking.
  • Employee personal information.
  • Departments and employee groups.
  • Jobs and professions.
  • Employment periods.
  • Trial period and salary during it.
  • Tax reductions.
  • Relations.
  • Tracking due date of certificates and other documents.
  • Vacation and additional vacation records.
  • Automatic creation of an employment contract printout on paper.


  • Different types of salary.
  • Different tax groups.
  • Easy to change tax rates and calculation formulas.
  • Working hours records – time tables.
  • Overtime work payments.
  • Work on holiday payments.
  • Night shift payments.
  • Deductions.
  • Bonuses.
  • Absence records (sick leave sheets A / B, parental leave, vacation with or without salary payment).
  • Advance payments.
  • Partial salary payment.
  • Vacation money calculation.
  • Average salary calculation.
  • Unused vacation days records.
  • Transferring of unused tex deductions or overpaid amounts to the next month.
  • Easy to copy-paste data and formatting from MONEO to a spreadsheet/Excel.


  • Adding amount due from expenses to a salary payment amount for savings on bank commissions.
  • FiDAViSta payment order export file.
  • Combined salary payments (one bank transfer record).
  • Automatic bank selection: creating bank payment order from the same bank an employee has an account.


  • Automatically creating order documents, integration with Word.
  • Order documents for admission, dismissal, salary change, vacations, etc.
  • Archive of documents for each employment contract.
  • Autometic creation of statement documents.


  • Creating automatic bookkeeping transactions for unused vacation payments.
  • Automatic bookkeeping transactions for salary calculations (by a single calculation, by totals or by departments).
  • Automatic bookkeeping transaction of expenses payment amount.
  • Automatic bookkeeping of labor taxes.


  • Salary statement.
  • Salary calculation report with different dimensions.
  • Salary payment list.
  • Easy to copy-paste data and formatting from MONEO to a spreadsheet.
  • Automatic salary statement sending by email to a single or multiple employees. Integration with Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • Social tax reports import files for state electronic declaration system (EDS).
  • Monthly employee information reports import file for state electronic declaration system (EDS).
  • Statement of amounts paid to a person import file for state electronic declaration system (EDS).
  • Statistics reports.
  • Income tax reports.
  • Easy to filter, sort and search data.

Customers love MONEO

moneo atsauksmes
MONEO atsauksmes
MONEO payroll functionality makes me happy! I work with more that 20 persons in construction industry, with high employee turnover. MONEO does all the tasks automatically. What used to take days in previous system, now – takes just a few minutes.”

MONEO atsauksmes
I am very happy with MONEO payroll functionality. My company has more than 200 employees in 30 departments, different types of reimbursement and bonus systems which makes all calculations pretty complicated. Many mistakes occurred in the old system we used, now – MONEO does it all with ease and supports all latest tax calculation requirements. “
MONEO atsauksmes
We love the many MONEO easy-to-use work automation features that save our time on a daily basis. Integration with email and Excel is a huge time saver! Software version updates just in a few minutes and without a specialist assistance – this is a major cost saving, compared to other ERP vendors. With MONEO we can focus on our work quickly and at no extra cost.”

Automatic employment document management

MONEO creates all necessary employment records and documents automatically, stores history of documents and follows due dates. We have created templates in Word application and it is so easy for you to make any changes.

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