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MONEO team

We have been working with ERP solutions in Latvia for more than 17 years, participating in significant implementation projects in various fields. At that time, we had the idea to create our own unique business management system that would change the market. So we created MONEO.

Our customers are our partners, and we create a perfect solution together in close cooperation. We improve our system precisely in those areas that are important and relevant for the customer.


Edgars Kanepe

Edgars Kaņepe

business development heart

Every idea has its time to live. Edgars always has an idea how to get to the perfect solution.

Māris Šterns

Māris Šterns

The sales engine

Māris knows how to listen and understand every detail of customer's needs. He offers the best solution for the client. Honesty and punctuality are the guiding motives here.

Rita Stiegele

Rita Stieģele


Rita hates boredom, that is why she transforms all news into stories dressed in a pretty titles and containing value for the customer.

Jānis Zaķis

author of important documents, or simply - lawyer

Jānis puts words in agreements that are easy to understand and, in certain situations, reminds about rights and liabilities.

Customer service

ilze čerevko

Ilze Čerevko

Service department manager

Ilze's impressive experience in managing production processes and enthusiasm can overthrow mountains and inspire excellence.

Andris Miglāns

Project manager

Andris has extreme attention to detail which is essential in the implementation of complex projects. It is clear - the client's wishes will be realized!

Jānis Jurkāns

Jānis Jurkāns


Jānis knows even the most sophisticated logistics processes inside out and helps customers achieve the traceability of goods so that even the smallest bolt in the warehouse never gets lost.

Kārlis Kiršfelds

Kārlis Kiršfelds


A person who is always on the client side! Kārlis deals with financial issues with special enthusiasm and knows that here is a place for creativity even in accounting.

Imants Rutks

Imants Rutks


How to focus on the core in your daily business rush? That's what Imants knows! Imanta's amazing patience and logic help to organize every detail of the project.

Anda bumbiere

Anda Bumbiere


Anda's courage and perseverance to face technical challenges fascinates everyone.

Ieva Šolmane


Reliability and high personal performance standards are Ieva's motives, appreciated both by clients and by employer.

Inga Ametere


Inga's commitment to execute MONEO mission in every single deal with the customer adds to the overall value of this collaboration.


Andija Bērziņa


Andia motivates to consider and implement new ideas and tools in everyday accounting.

Product development

Janis Zogots

Jānis Žogots

IT architect

Jānis can play a chess round entirely in his head, and he knows how every line of code affects the system. With patience and perseverance Janis gets to excellence.

Janis Sejans

Jānis Sējāns

creator of business functions​

Jānis is delighted when fighting between business requirements and time constraints, he is able to create some excitement and customer's satisfaction about how everything works.

Valdis Gersons

Valdis Gersons


There is nothing impossible for Valdis: total attention to details and sincerity in relations with clients always generates excellent results of cooperation.

JEĻENA Mihailova

creator of business functions​

Lines of code are like exciting epic book for Jeļena. She is passionate about reading and writing this book, so the results are always the best!


Dāvis Burmistrs

creator of business functions

Dāvis likes to take on new challenges and performs tasks with accuracy, considering all the processes involved.

Raitis Šaripo

creator of business functions​

Raitis is not afraid to face new challenges and never gives up looking for solutions.