MONEO for advanced accounting bureaus

who cares about their customers’ growth



Often companies that use outsourced accounting services can not fully control costs, receivables and company cash flow. Financial documents get lost, typing errors occur, communication and control level is weak … therefore, company has nothing to do, but hire his in-house accountant.

MONEO is a solution how accounting bureau can cooperate with it's customers on a new level

in a unified business system!

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Accounting bureau works with MONEO

Less data entry,
more clever financial advices

The accounting bureau carries out all accounting related activities: reviews transactions, prepares tax reports, books receipts, calculates payroll.

Thanks to the unified system, the accounting bureau performs less data entry work, information is accurate and well-organised, reporting is automated.

programma grāmatvedības birojam

Your customer works
with MONEO

Full control,
efficient business management

Your customer works in a unified system with your accounting bureau, using all the necessary business functions: prepares sales invoices, keeps track of debtors, registers time tables and plans cash flow.

Thanks to unified system, your customer gets full control over financial status and uses advanced business management tool.

MONEO price list for accounting bureau

monthly subscription fee, pay only for what you use


10.00 €

User can access there modules:

Finance, Sales, Purchases, Fixed Assets, Expenses, Cahs-book and Bank, Payroll and HRM (for 100 active employees in each company), Cash-flow Management.

Data server in a cloud.


1.00 €

Unlimited number of companies in a single database. Companies are sold in packs. First company purchase pack is 25 companies. Further companies purchase pack – 5 companies.


20.00 €

Your client , who connects to MONEO to read reports and create records in these modules:

Finance, Sales, Purchases, Fixed Assets, Expenses, Cash-book and Bank, Payroll and HRM, Cash-flow Management.

Accounting bureaus, using MONEO